June 26, 2016

  • Brexit and Boris Johnson's Plan After The Fact. NONE!

    I don't like to interject a lot of politics onto my personal blog, which I usually retain for personal or ministry use. The truth is though I just can't stand the idiocy of the " Leave "  campaign of Boris and the Tories ( with their UKIP friends joined to the hip ) in Britain, and the fact that they hoodwinked the good people of the UK into this really bad deal they are stuck with today. Brexit is a terrible debacle which is not just their problem but the entire world's as well, and bad in oh so many ways. Its racist, bad financially for all concerns, and hurts a European partnership forged to rebuild Europe that so many worked so hard to introduce.

    This little audio is quick and succinct and puts Boris and his chaps right where they are " Clueless ".

    This little comedy skit just about has Boris pegged perfectly considering his plan and ability to handle the Brexit. He has no plan or capability to do anything. That's right he is clueless.From BBC 4
    Dead Ringers: Boris Has A Plan.

June 20, 2016

May 25, 2016

  • Trying to relax on a day off.

    I have been just trying to get some items done around the house, and get a hold of friends I have not touched base with in awhile. Fairly relaxed day, with just odds and end items to deal with. I do want to get the next audio lesson done for a course I am teaching online, but not quite ready to teach it. I am not very good at relaxing I admit.

    Going to see Adam next week. He will be graduating 8th grade at Shepherd Middle School. The same school my father was principal at for many years. He will be with me for the whole month of June, it should be nice. I also will be preaching in Sedalia, Missouri next weekend, as I get to have some fellowship with Bishop Boer. We also have some work to do with the Bible College, and that should give us some productive time together to look at some things that need attention. The General Bishop is my Chancellor at FBC.  In July I should be able to have some fun with Jessy and Emily's families in Tennessee. It will be awesome to be with some of my girls, grandkids, etc...  What can I say, the next few weeks look like I will have some kick back time. Yes!!!!!

    Spoke to Pastor Ellie Thober today. That was so blessed. I haven't talked to her in about a year. Bad Patrick, Bad Patrick. Ellie was my shepherd or overseer in North Platte when she was rector at Our Saviour Episcopal Church. She helped me with all my ministry endeavors, and was a great adviser. No matter if I pastor, or lead a ministry, I have always had a local shepherd I have as a shepherd or guide. I might be ordained and a licensed minister with two organizations, but having someone nearby lends toward better accountability. I have had those times in my life where I wish I had someone so close to home who could speak to me in such a way. Vicar Kim is in that place of mentorship here in Omaha. God bless them both, I know I try their patience. Amen.

    Have a nice holiday weekend my friends.


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